Lots delivered at home


You can not comply with the proposed collection day(s) or does not have the necessary knowledge / transport to pick up some lots? For this, we recommand the services of our partners.

Because lots can assume the most different forms, the delivery rate is dependent on the weight, size, disassembly and distance between the pickup location and the delivery address.

A non-binding requests can be asked during the auction or after the auction has ended. Payment and agreements related to the delivery should be arranged through these external partners.

How to apply

  1. Send (or call) the auction number and lot number(s) + delivery address to 1 of the partners
  2. You will receive an offer
  3. You confirm this offer by mail and make the payment to our partner
Communication sibo.drive@gmail.com
0031 (0) 162 31 29 12
Region Belgium Worldwide from NL and BE

Depending on delivery address 
and type of shipment

Within 5 working days
  • Packages up to 30kg via courier
  • Pallets up to 500kg via courier
  • Personalized offer to 1150 kg
  • Personalized offers
  • (Dis)assembly an removal machines
  • Trailer & container transport
  • Exceptional transport
  • Temporary storage



We hebben de functionaliteit van combinatiekavels geautomatiseerd. Een combinatiekavel bevat 2 of meer kavels uit de veiling waartoe de combinatie behoort.

Het kantoor blijft tussen 23/7 en 3/8 open met een minimumbezetting en is enkel telefonisch bereikbaar. 
Wij wensen U alvast een deugddoende vakantie!

That when there is a bid within the last 5 minutes of a lot, the remaining time will reset at 5 minutes?

With an automatic bid you indicate the maximum price that you are willing to pay for the lot. The system will automatically increase your bid if you are outbid by a third party.